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Friday, August 21th

Time / When

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The COVID-19 rules have changes for outdoor sporting group.  The Hash qualifies as a running group.  We will schedule hashers into one of two groups. 

  You MUST email  Use the link below to see what space is available in each group.


Hashers who want to do a run without all the socialization, while complying with Dr. Bonnie’s rules.

Special / What

Physical distancing rules of 2 meters separation between hashers remain, however, running outdoor reduces our risk. We ask that runners pay attention to who is around them, and be mindful that not all those that they encounter on the run will be aware of the new rules, and also may be uncomfortable with encounters with runners. Please try to maintain distance with those we share the trails with.

Please click here for information on COVID-19 symptoms

The run will count as a Dark Side Run.


Because there is a beer check and the beer is in an open cooler.  There will also be some hand sanitizer there.


Reynolds Secondary School - south parking lot (closer to Reynolds Rd).

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