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The Dark Side of the Moon
The Dark Bunny Hop Run

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Friday April 9th times 5-9PM, Saturday April 10th times 2-9PM

Time / When

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You MUST email Email (click here if you are using a PC mail client; not webmail), and let us know your hash name - or just your name if you're one of those superior beings that haven't done anything dumb enough to get yourself given a hash name.  Use the link below to see what space is available in each group.

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Hashing is good for the health, and as health authorities want to keep us healthy, we're willing to oblige.
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Special / What

If you are running after 8PM, don't forget to bring a FLASHLIGHT,  headlamp, torch ...! Flash Light

Physical distancing rules of 3 meters (three arm lengths) separation between hashers must be followed.  All activity will remain outdoors - which greatly reduces our risk.

The A Hares and Hounds Guide to Hashing in the Physical Distancing Era  has recently been updated.  Please read it before coming on this run. 

Please click here for information on COVID-19 symptoms

Religion will be done by Zoom
Time: 7 PM  
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 569 072 1371
Passcode: 936916


Near the Luxton Fair Grounds at the corner of the Galloping Goose Trail and Marwood Ave

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You're on your own.

This year's Dark Side of the Moon are...

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