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The Dark Side of the Moon Run

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Friday January 14th time 7:00PM

Why Its the first Dark Side of the Moon run of the year!
Special / What

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Religion will be in person at the end of the run/walk.

Bring a light of some kind as it will be very dark!

If the school parking lot gate is closed, the hare says, "You can park on the street and probably the best location is on Roger's Way which runs parallel to Roger's Road and at the end of the road there is a cut-through to the School.  It's where most of the people picking up kids park."
Flash Light
Start Roger's Elementary School is on Roger's Road off Quadra on the highway side of Christmas Hill.
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Cost $5
Hare(s) Premature Evacuation
On Afters Monkey Tree Pub 4025 Borden Street

This year's Dark Side of the Moon are...

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